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November 28, 2019
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Fatima Melody Makers – more than just music

By Erin Newton
14 years old; also, a member of the parish’s Communications Ministry

I am a member of Our Lady of Fatima’s youth choir, the Fatima Melody Makers. Our mission is to serve God and our community in everything we do through singing; to praise and worship God with all our hearts, our minds and souls.

We offer up our voices and our instrumental talents to enhance your experience of the liturgy of the Mass, to create a better atmosphere for celebrating this most holy sacrament.

We are both humbled and honoured to have this privilege. We practise tirelessly every week after school/work, perfecting and synchronising our talents so that you may have a truly melodious experience of the Mass. We want to help you connect to Jesus through music.  This is a labour of love to which we have all committed.

The Fatima Melody Makers sing every third Saturday and Sunday of the month for Youth Mass, at weddings, funerals, and special events. The songs range from liturgical, meditative, reflective, to praise & worship, Christmas carols and even contemporary Christian songs.

The choir is really one, big, happy, fun family. Everyone loves, cares for, and is always concerned for the other. We spent time bonding, getting to know each other through chats, sharing and socials. I especially love the birthday and Christmas celebrations and numerous get-togethers we enjoy. It really makes me feel like I belong to more than just a choir. I believe that I am making lifelong friendships.

Being a part of the Fatima Melody Makers has enhanced my spiritual experience through selfless service, dedication and awareness of how a little talent such as music/singing can have a huge impact on other people’s lives.

The members of the choir shared some of their fondest memories:

  • This September we were asked to sing at the Church’s Harvest Tea Party. The theme was Shades of Pink, with long, flowing white and pink drapes cascaded down the sides of the stage. As the first song was completed, I felt a rush of joy. The crowd cheered us on, and we bowed. The audience looked so content. I felt so honoured to be a part of such a great production.
  • Then there was the occasion of a group retreat to Mt St Benedict. The day was cool and relaxing and filled with food, good friends and great moments. The priest who conducted the retreat was engaging and we all learnt about the Mass from a different perspective. As a Catholic I was challenged to reflect about my understanding of my faith and knowledge of the Commandments.
  • Last Christmas, our choir visited a home for aged persons. All the residents were delighted to see us. Our choir had gone to perform at the home to bring good cheer. I wondered who was having more fun, we who were singing to our hearts content or the elderly who were clapping and swaying as we sang song after song for them. This experience left me realising that our voices together can have a great impact.