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November 22, 2019
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November 22, 2019

Calling artists to show God’s call

Can you write or tell a story, draw, paint or airbrush? Whatever your medium of artistic expression, Generation S is calling artists of all ages to communicate the message of God’s call to the many biblical figures.

This is the ‘Call on Canvas’ art competition launched November 15 at the Max Murphy Hall, Chaguanas, which culminated Vocations Awareness Week (November 10–15).

“When you take part in this Call on Canvas you are expressing yourself as a son and daughter of God and you are expressing beauty and you are carrying a message,” said Fr Matthew d’Hereaux, Vicar for Vocations and Priestly Formations.

“There is power in art to take a message to carry a message, to keep a message, to sustain a message. That’s why we are reaching out to all the artists in the country,” he stressed.

Fr d’Hereaux said, “God is love, God is truth and God is beauty and that is one of the reasons I feel that God has created the artist.” He urged artists not to hide their talent but use their gifts for God’s glory.

Art has always been part of the Church’s existence in its over 2000-year history and carried the gospel message.  “There were times in the history of the Church where people could not read or write, it did not have free education. Christian art was used to portray the message. That’s why you have the Stations of the Cross,” Fr d’Hereaux said.

Art told of the lives of the saints and artists were commissioned by the Vatican to create pieces portraying the salvation message.

“If you use your artistry, your expression, you are in company of thousands of artists throughout the history of Church to portray the life of the saints, the call of the saints,” he said.

Also addressing the launch was artist Anika Plowden-Corentin who urged the artists to find time for quiet reflection and keep themselves open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit because it will also assist their artwork. She has been told there was something “spiritual” in her paintings.

Plowden-Corentin said through their talent whether Spoken Word, the ability to draw etc, God can take them to places they could not imagine. She told both young and mature artists that there is always a calling and urged artists to use the opportunity of the competition to express themselves by reflecting on the lives of those called by God in the Bible and in life.

Generation S Team member Janet Chinnia presented on ‘The Call Stories—St Teresa of Calcutta, St Peter the apostle’.

All wishing to be participants in the Call on Canvas art competition are asked to join the Call on Canvas group on Facebook. It is a forum to privately share work, learn more about Lectio Divina and ask questions. All the group activities will be publicised through this group. —LPG