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November 19, 2019
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A tribute to a giant of a woman—Sr Phyllis Wharfe

Photo courtesy: Analisa Ramsahai

Sister Phyllis was my principal for seven years. What a legacy to have left!
The only way to describe her is as a giant. Love her or hate her, she was the most effective principal I have ever encountered.

So many things stand out, so many memories.

Sister Phyllis, you shaped my academic future. Mediocrity is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
As SJC girls, we were taught to speak our minds, to be strong while weak, to be the best even if we did not feel so on the inside.

As I grew older, I came to understand how much I am in her debt. Forever in her debt. She ranks as one of the people who sparked the love of learning in me. I love to learn and she showed us how.

Sister Phyllis also showed us how to be Catholic in the true sense, in a practical way with charity and humility, in service to others. So many of my schoolmates do service-oriented jobs now. So many teachers and medical professionals…selfless jobs. So many great selfless mothers I see in my former schoolmates. Strong women.

The lyrics of my house song about Anne Marie Javouhey rings true for Sister as well:
Oh Anne-Marie we’ll be like you
Forever strong forever true
We’ll love the Lord with all our hearts
And promise now
To do our part.

RIP Sister Phyllis Wharf, true daughter of Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey

– Nadia Goodman, SJC San Fernando Alumnae