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November 12, 2019
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November 15, 2019

Son shine & reign

Signs are everywhere around us, signalling the values and aspirations we nurture and harbour. The decisions we make about our lives as we strive to work and earn for our ‘food’ are guided or propelled by the efficiency or alignment of the moral compass in our inner ‘temple’.

That is why, as we look to our leaders and shepherds for guidance and correct interpretation of the factors and systems of the many available lifestyle choices, they are expected to be careful, attentive models whom the flock may confidently follow, so that the use of all things bright and beautiful, created so by God, may be subject to truth and discernment. It is easy to be deceived by bright lights, dim lights, harsh lights.

Even action taken on red, green and amber lights which signal caution or freedom to move, must still be viewed by checking the proper context of time and place. So, the messengers of today’s Word tell of the Light of Truth, the temporal nature of pretty things and the effective cleansing action of God’s justice and reign in His Kingdom over the deceptive dazzle of today’s easily destroyed ‘treasures’.

The coming of the Son of justice is described in fearsome terms that would make even the strong shake. Yet, it’s really a saving action to protect us from ourselves! Pride is paramount in causing our burnout and burning up.

When we ‘like ourselves’ unduly, it’s us deciding that we have the last say in what and how we acquire, in who has absolute power, in mediating the battle of the sacred over the carnal, purity over unbridled pleasure, profanity over authentic personhood and imagine this: Trinidad and Tobago has “earned” the sad title of #1 in the world for free downloads of pornography!

We choose to disrespect ourselves and others nurturing a false pride in turning away from God. At the very least, it’s the result of an incomplete understanding of who we were created to be and for what purpose. Is Love fighting a losing battle?

Adding insult to injury of the cracks in cathedrals and the gaps in church finances, compromises are made for a few pieces of silver. Here’s an opportunity to bear ‘witness’ by our very presence of truth, integrity and suffering for the Kingdom of right justice. The situation is redeemable, but the Body would endure some pain as it heals.

Reparation would come. No worldly defence is required, but reliance on the eloquence of lived faith and wisdom. Let each of us check ourselves while we can. What do we value? How are we to be agents of divine activity in the world?

How may we witness to truth, honesty, trusting Providence, exercising continence for the Kingdom—in body and mind. A powerful spiritual energy will carry us along correct paths, leading to redemption of ‘lost’ causes, but only if we stay in the Son Light and persevere through the reign of God’s justice.

Persevere we must, in continuously following the Light style, even in the midst of persecution and the loss of treasures from deceptive sources. Take courage, follow the real style lights and by our witness, let the Son of justice shine in and for us, so we can dance in the Reign!