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November 8, 2019
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November 8, 2019

Carenage community comes together for peace

For many years, violence has been the dark underbelly of the fishing village of Carenage. Within recent weeks, the violence has unfortunately escalated and there have been several incidents of shooting in the area, mostly at night. As a result of this, residents took their concerns to the parish priest.

They decided to battle the scourge of violence by washing it with the blood of Jesus Christ through prayers hosted within the community, especially those areas where shootings have taken place.

We began on Thursday, September 12. Residents gathered at a private residence for the first of many Masses celebrated by Fr Harold Imamshah. The Mass brought together groups of people from different areas of Carenage.

Although some of the parishioners did not know everyone present, they all had a single purpose— to seek God’s intervention and bring an end to the rising violence.

Since then, there have been prayer services in different areas of the community and as we continue to pray as a community, our faith will build. Our supplications to God will bring an end to all the senseless violence and restore peace.

Services and Masses have been held at School Street, Upper & Lower Abbe Poujade St, Scorpion, Upper Haig (Resurrection), Pt Cumana, Seaview Hill and at the St Peter’s Church, Constabulary Street. As we continue to pray for our community, we see a quiet developing over various parts of Carenage and Pt Cumana.

There are individuals who can now attest to a peace and tranquility that have long been missing. Many persons are the recipient of random acts of kindness. Relationships are blossoming; community angels appear as if by magic to assist others in need; and addicts and those considered to be destitute among us, stand quietly and listen to the Word of God. — Nicholas See Wai