An unforgettable experience
November 6, 2019
Burying grief, resurrecting hope
November 7, 2019

God, and God alone

We all have stories of friends experiencing difficult life situations involving death. CAMSEL’s Advertising Officer Mary Pitman tells the story of such a friend.

Meet my friend Annmarie, a simple yet extraordinary woman, with a funny and warm personality, yet a pillar of substantial faith and strength.

Annmarie has had a challenging year, and owes her coping and survival all to her heavenly Father.

Experiencing the loss of her husband Bruce in July after an illness, she had also previously dealt with her son’s illness, which led to his leg being amputated; the loss of her son’s girlfriend—she was murdered— and her own diagnosis with Stage 3 Cancer.

Her passion for God and His Word, and hustling home from work to continue her next chapter in the Bible paid off now, she said. She was able to remain steadfast and composed in the midst of her adversity and extreme pain, crying out to God to keep her and carry her through.

Since her husband’s death, she is now continuing her journey towards the Catholic faith in the RCIA classes, a journey she knows Bruce would be happy with.

Annmarie knows that God’s decisions are not always pleasing to us and the outcomes many times aren’t what we hope for, but she trusts Him implicitly.

She said during Bruce’s illness, she expected him to come home eventually as in the past. She did not expect death. Yet she was never angry with God nor compromised her faith in Him. She may weaken at times, as she’s only human, but has never lost faith.

When I asked her what her coping mechanisms were, she said God and God alone.

Annmarie does admit though she is not the same woman she was before. She has become more peaceful with everyday situations. Now she first asks if it’s worth her worry and peace of mind.

Her message to us is to just trust in God. Put Him first, read His word and you will understand situations around you.

She is now fulfilling a bucket list she put together which includes travelling, playing mas, and her Catholic journey, just to name a few.

She believes we have to enjoy the life God gave us as we don’t know what’s next around the corner.

Annmarie says if her sharing can be a message of hope to one person, she has done her God-given duty.

Annmarie continues to exhibit her beautiful, magnetic smile as she goes about her daily life. She has become a master at prioritising what needs to be dealt with, while always finding time to offer an inspirational word, quote or message to many of us. She never misses weekend Mass at Bourg Mulatresse and is described as a ‘true soldier’ by our young neighbours.

God bless you, Annmarie Camps.