Toco/Matelot cluster rally to mission

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October 3, 2019
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October 3, 2019

Toco/Matelot cluster rally to mission

In response to the Church’s declaration of October as a Month of Mission, Spiritual Director of Trinitarian Presence Missionaries and parish priest of the Toco/Matelot cluster Fr Raymond Francis issued a call for individuals to come together to prepare and engage in Mission.

Persons who responded came from various areas such as Diego Martin, Maracas, Tunapuna, San Fernando, Erin and the Toco/Matelot area itself.

For the entire Mission Week (August 18–25), participants were engaged in morning prayer, Mass, praise and worship, Eucharistic adoration, engaging and informative workshops and most importantly house visitations.

The Lord provided lectors, Eucharistic and music ministers, healing and prayer warriors, and even an exceptionally gifted cook. Our Lord truly met all our needs!

The workshops were conducted by vibrant and charismatic individuals who are devoted to the Lord. These included Chris Metivier, Carl Lara, Glenda Augustus, Janet Chinnia and Fr Raymond.


The following are some golden snippets shared during the week:

  • “The pilgrim Church is missionary by its very nature.”
  • “Church exists to evangelise, to bring people into relationship.”
  • “Evangelisation is being docile to God’s will and power. God has appointed us to go and help bring persons to Him.”
  • “Jesus’ proclamation is accompanied by signs and wonders. Be open to the Holy Spirit.”
  • “We do everything for the glory of God.”
  • “Your life may be the only gospel someone will read. Live what you preach.”
  • “Engage in extended moments of prayer. What we need are God’s ideas to do His work.”
  • “We go out to be a Catholic presence to bring God’s love and His Word”
  • “Listen to what is being said. Relax, smile, and be patient.”
  • “Always ask ‘Will you like us to pray with you?’”


Guided by these basic principles, we went out in teams, door to door, in the various villages. We were for the most part warmly received by Catholics and by people of other persuasions. We listened as they shared their feelings and views and even ministered to them through prayer. Among the Catholics, there were those who were ready to recommit themselves to the Lord, while others want to return. We need to go to them and journey with them. There were also the homebound whom we encountered. We continue to keep them all in prayer.

“Catholics! Going door to door?  Have never seen that!” was the common response to us during this Mission exercise. However, everyone we visited allowed us to pray for them. Some even came to our outdoor crusades in the various communities.

We were encouraged to continue in this field of ‘Mission’ as we witnessed the innate desire for God, as one gentleman who had not been to church for over 30 years came to our Thanksgiving Mass. God truly showed up and confirmed ‘Mission’ as the direction His church should embrace! We thank God for all those who participated in this our first annual Mission Week and look forward, God willing to next year.

—Trinitarian Presence Missionaries: Gisselle Cadogan, Symon