26th Sunday in OT (C)
September 26, 2019
Trinidad students rally for mission
September 26, 2019

Baptised and Sent

Performed by Tsehai Ollivierre, 10, Scarborough RC Primary

Good morning, good morning to one and all

I’m here today to answer the call

To be a part of an extraordinary mission

This is the season to execute that vision.

Baptised and be sent that’s what they said

It just kept going round and round in my head even today.

What exactly could this really mean?

Wasn’t quite sure so I wanted someone to show me the scene.

I wanted an answer about the when, how and why?

But unfortunately for me it didn’t drop like manna from the sky

I had to look deep into that part of me

That people hardly ever really ever see

Baptise and be sent, that was the mission

The Holy Spirit would put me in the right position

His word was what I took to heart

And decided it was time to play my part.

Oil and water were placed on my head

Words from the Bible had also been said

That was just the symbolic part

Now the journey was about to start.

What you do on your daily routine

That’s the real test to see if your heart is clean

Being sent is not an easy task

What you do along the way earns you marks.