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August 30, 2019
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August 30, 2019

Fun in the sun and rain at Central Vicariate sports

Five parishes with the one goal of having fun, joined together August 4 for the annual Central Vicariate Sports and Family Fun Day.

It was the third year of the event and parishioners from Carapichaima, Chaguanas, Couva, Gran Couva/Tabaquite and Tortuga made their presence felt from the march past at the start of the activities to the Tug-of-war as the sun set. Football matches were also held during the course of the day.

Neither the blazing sun nor the shower of rain prevented the groups from participating in the events hosted by Joyland Parties, Sports and Events at Presentation College, Chaguanas grounds.

The games, designed for the young and young at heart, were as much fun as their names —clothes pin relay, balloon crush, Siamese twins relay and marble grip. The latter had to be done with your toes while they were in a container of soapy water. A bouncy castle was also on spot and it was fully occupied throughout the day.

Breakfast which consisted of various delicious chokas, and lunches prepared by parishioners were available to all, free of charge.

Vicar for the Central Vicariate Fr Derek Anton, Fr Jose Marie Thekkekutte MSFS and Deacon Simon Rostant were present to give their support to the teams. As he closed off the event, Rev Rostant was in high praise of the organisers.

Then came the announcement that Tortuga won the sports, Chaguanas second and Carapichaima third. Gran Couva/Tabaquite was fourth and Couva rounded off fifth.

Carapichaima won the football with Tortuga placing second. Both teams qualified for the national Shepherd’s Cup tournament on Independence Day. —A parishioner