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Tobago’s perspective on 20th Caribbean Couples for Christ conference

Bishop Luis Secco of Willemstad (centre) celebrates one of the Masses during the conference. Photos: Mark Poon Tip

On July 11, three delegates from Tobago arrived in Curaçao to attend the 20th Caribbean Couples for Christ conference. For the first time, Trinidad and Tobago was fully represented at the conference.

The trio from Tobago (as well as others from Trinidad) was welcomed at the airport by Fr Morrison Laporte, the spiritual director for the ministry in Curaçao.

Fr Morrison continued to be visible and audible throughout the days of the conference. Apart from celebrating Mass, he helped with serving meals and sitting in during the talks.

The talks were punctuated with testimonies which were moving and tearful and powerful reminders of the power of God in our lives. They were also a poignant reminder that we all have our stories and challenges and we need someone to journey with us during times of trials and testing.

The presence of men and their participation in the liturgy is also noteworthy. The number of couples in Curaçao who are active in the Couples for Christ ministry is also worthy of note. The husbands’ attentiveness to their wives was commented on and commended by all of the Tobago delegates. They are positive role models for single men.

The children were also present, very visible and audible throughout and especially at the closing ceremony. What is evident is that every area of family life is well represented in the ministry in Curaçao.

As we reflected collectively on the conference we noted this quote from Bishop Secco’s written address “I believe that as disciples for Christ and as Christian families we are all called to live courageously into a world full of confusion and error” and Fr Morrison’s address “We are Children of Light and as Christians we are called to expose this light in our daily living”. This for us sums up the Curaçao experience in particular and the Couples for Christ ministry in general. From our observations we have made the hypothesis that the Church is alive in Curaçao and Couples for Christ ministry is playing a leading role in the vibrancy of the Church.— Rosetta Forde & CFC Tobago Team