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August 8, 2019
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August 8, 2019

Leadership VOX POP!

At the Leadership Conference on August 1, attendees were given much to digest. Catholic News approached some participants asking them, “What is one lesson learnt regarding leadership that you can carry back to your parish?”

Rica Charles, St John’s, St Augustine: What struck me was the explanation of the Moses dilemma where we are moved by fear, disallowing us to make decisions to move forward and more so into the unknown.

Tenisha Sylvester, St John the Baptist, San Juan: I learnt leadership is not a quality that only persons in high positions possess. We as regular individuals within our churches and communities have the ability to be leaders.

Alyndo Woodhouse, St Paul’s, Couva: All of us are leaders and if we have ideas, we should not be afraid to share it and express it to our parish priest, Church ministries and other leaders within the parish. It is important that we just take that shot.

Curlyn Hudlin, St Dominic’s, Penal: One takeaway for me is that I must strive to be an exemplar to others so that others would want to follow me and do what God wants them to.

Burton Orr, Delaford, Tobago: Getting comfortable with the reality of being uncomfortable stood out for me. We tend to feel in some cases very comfortable where we are but sometimes it takes an uncomfortable situation to help bring out our true potential.

Joseph Seenath-Maharaj, Santa Rosa, Arima: To be good leaders we must allow each person we encounter in church a chance to open themselves up to the programmes available in church, especially if they are new. We should have a dialogue with such persons so that they can also have that experience to become a leader, too.