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August 8, 2019
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August 8, 2019

Joint celebration for refugees and migrants—North West Trinidad

The parishes in the north west, despite each have a Parish Ministry of Migrants and Refugees, under Fr Harold Imamshah, have formed themselves into the collective North West Ministry of Migrants and Refugees, for the joint celebration of the Holy Eucharist in Spanish.

These parishes are St Peter’s in Carenage, St Finbar’s in Diego Martin, The Church of the Nativity in Crystal Stream, St John the Evangelist in Diego Martin and St Anthony’s in Petit Valley. St John’s recently started their Ministry.

Fr Imamshah has been celebrating a Spanish Mass in the north-west region every month for the past four months. The next Mass will be at St Peter’s on August 11 at 3.00 p.m.  All are invited, Spanish and English speakers. Father translates for us as well.

The parishes collaborate and the Masses are held at St Peter’s, The Church of the Nativity or St John’s on a rotating basis on the second Sunday of the month. These are the parishes that do not celebrate evening Masses on a Sunday on a regular basis.

The Masses are enjoyed by all. Fr Imamshah and the members of each parish Ministry are so welcoming and the singing infectious.  Refreshments are served after each Mass and new families are invited to register. Each family is given a hamper of foodstuff and clothes and other items are distributed as needed.

After the Mass in July at St John’s, Latin music was played and this set the mood for persons to linger and meet and greet each other. Some even danced.

These Masses have given the members of the various parish Ministries the opportunity to get to know each other and work together to assist the migrants in our area. It has been wonderful.—Theresa Yorke Metzger, Secretary, Ministry of Migrants and Refugees, St Finbar’s