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Monsignor Julien Kaboré—A symbol of humility, a light in darkness and a nice human being

The Vatican posting of two Africans to serve in the Apostolic Nunciature of Trinidad and Tobago was an “idyllic period”.

This is how Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu described his time alongside Deputy Head of Mission Monsignor Julien Kaboré during a farewell reception at the nunciature hosted by the Archbishop Tuesday evening (July 23) to mark Kaboré’s new Mission in the Philippines.

The Archbishop said while his sadness comes from the pain of separation, he is “consoled” that separation also marks the beginning of something beautiful.

Kaboré, he said, served in a region of many islands and much diversity. He served in a country with the highest number of Muslims in the world—Indonesia and in a “miracle” country, the country that has moved from poverty to a high level of wealth and technology—South Korea.

“And now the Church is calling you to serve in a country with the highest number of Catholics. We are giving you our best wishes for this challenge that is coming,” he told attending guests among them Cardinal Kelvin Felix, Archbishop Jason Gordon, Archbishop David Macaire OP of Fort-de-France, Martinique, Bishop Clyde Harvey of St George’s-in- Grenada, former President Anthony TA Carmona and members of the diplomatic corps.

The Secretariat of State (Vatican) announced July 1 that Monsignor Kaboré has been seconded to a new Mission at the Apostolic Nunciature in the Philippines. Kaboré who served as Deputy Head of Mission from 2016 left for Philippines July 25.

“We enjoyed you. You are loved,” Archbishop Nwachukwu told Kaboré.

“…In these few months I have been here, this is a place where people go away from but they return to it….So we are telling you, the door is open and the doors are open….the door I’m talking about is not just the door of the nunciature but the doors of our homes and doors of our hearts,” he said, to applause.

The Archbishop then thanked Kaboré for the perfume he has left—the perfume of his spirit left through his homilies and presence.

The former President believes that the Vatican holds the Archdiocese of Port of Spain in very high esteem to allow us to experience nothing less than the best.

Msgr Julien Kabore and former President of Trinidad and Tobago, Anthony Carmona


Kaboré, His Excellency said, has been a strong symbol of humility, a light in darkness and a “nice” human being who has touched many lives, including his and his family.

His Excellency opined that Kaboré’s new mission perhaps will be one of the most difficult ones he is about to engage. He made reference to present international and human right issues in the Philippines.

“And you will have to be very forceful in preaching that philosophy of humanity…. Nothing less, nothing more, all within the guise of Almighty God.”

He then invoked the blood, sweat and tears of Jesus Christ to clothe and protect him on his new assignment and more importantly, to give him the inspiration to change in a positive way, the lives of those he will encounter.

Also giving brief remarks, Archbishop Jason Gordon shared that Kaboré was the one who announced the news of his appointment as Archbishop of Port of Spain. He thanked him for being a great witness of the Apostolic Nunciature of the life of a diplomat not as a career but as a ministry of priesthood.

“I will miss you and I’m sure we can all say the same. You have been a wonderful example and a wonderful friend,” he said.

Kaboré said he wanted to mention each person present name by name but if he did so, would cause his departure date to be postponed, to laughter.

He said that to leave because he has received the call of God to another place is not to die, but to live fully.

Msgr Kabore enjoying his farewell reception with friends


By Kaelanne Jordan


Twitter: @kaelanne1

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