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Diamond love for the Ignacios

Veronica and Ornan Ignacio

What is Love? According to 1 Corinthians 13:4, 8: “Love is always patient and kind. Love does not come to an end.” This is what you see, when you look at Ornan and Veronica Ignacio. You see their love.

The little looks they give each other, the way they support each other through everything that life throws at them. You also see how much they enjoy each other’s company. Two individuals lived their own lives not knowing the other existed, until one day, when they met, fireworks occurred and they are here today celebrating 60 years of wedded romance and bliss.

Ornan Ignacio and Veronica Ayers attended the same primary school, New Grant Government. They are parishioners of Our Lady of Mt Carmel RC Church, New Grant. As Ornan reminisced about special moments in their lives, he recalled one special moment, the day they met.

He said on that eventful day across the road in a store on New Grant Junction, he saw a quiet, petite lady who shone brightly like an angel. There, Ornan realised that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and, wanted this life to start as soon as possible.

Three months of a beautiful romance led to an ostentatious home wedding on July 12, 1959. On this auspicious occasion, he held his beautiful bride in his arms and romanced her with a song.

Ignacio jokingly remembered one time, when he came home late one night, he sang a song so beautifully to his wife that she simply told him “Get inside and go to bed”. Their loving matrimony was blessed with three children—two handsome sons: Dale and Gregory, as well as, one gorgeous daughter Cindy-Ann. Additionally, they also have eight wonderful grandchildren—three boys and five girls.

The Ignacios had their share of good times and bad, joys and sorrows. They raised a family and through all those times they knew they were the one for each other. According to this stimulating and loving couple, the secrets to a long-lasting marriage are:-

* You got to work together at your marriage to get through tough times and enjoy the easier times.

* Never, ever go to bed angry.

* It doesn’t matter if you’re right, wrong or indifferent, you kiss each other goodnight, because you never know which day will be your last.

Using the anniversary quote from Gertrude Buckingham, Ornan turns to Veronica and says:

“Happiness and pain and sorrow
Were our portions through the years
That we two have lived together;
But love helped to dry all tears.

And my heart gives me this message,
Knowing all that I know now,
If the clock could be turned backward,
I’d still take that holy vow!”

And Veronica replies to Ornan:
“So swiftly have the years sped by
Since our hearts were young and gay,
That it is hard to realize,
Even though our hair is gray.

That it was [sixty] years ago
When we took that sacred vow
To cherish and love each other;
And we have from then till now!”

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Ignacio on your Diamond Wedding Anniversary. —Kathy Jackson-Webb, parishioner