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Youth on retreat reflect on ‘You Are My Beloved’

The Evangelization Commission hosted a Young Adults Retreat on April 7 at the Caribbean Magic Resort, La Solita Road, Kelly Village.

It comprised about 20 young adults from different parishes including St Finbar’s, Malabar, St Theresa’s (Woodbrook), St Patrick’s, St Michael’s, St Peter’s, St Charles, St Joseph (Scarborough) and members of the Alpha Youth Implementation Team.

The theme of this retreat was You Are My Beloved and it was conducted by Companions of the Transfigured Christ (CTC) team, led by Brother Kyle Dardaine.

It was a day full of praise, worship, soul searching and fun, but more importantly, it was a time of fulfilling and finding your purpose and truth as part of God’s Creation and knowing and being God’s beloved.

Here are some of the testimonies of the youths who attended:

“It made you look at love in a different way; it made you look at your worth in a totally different way.  The speakers were awesome.”

“It was amazing. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I knew the Holy Spirit was with me that day.”

“The retreat opened up my eyes and helped me to understand a little bit more about who I am in God.    I know now that I am chosen before birth, blessed at conception, broken in life and given to the world to help mould it into the kingdom that God wants it to be, filled with people who are living as lights.”

“It was more like a reminder/refresher for me to remember that I am a daughter of God and that I am loved, which is sometimes easy to forget when we get lost in the chaos and tragedies of everyday life. The retreat was a nice opportunity to step back from everyday life and breathe and remember who I am and why God placed me in certain situations and it gave me renewed strength to face the challenges of those situations.”

“The retreat was a really great experience, especially in wanting to grow deeper in faith with God. The video that was shown gives further confirmation on being a child of God. The one-on-one experience with my partner reminded me that other persons are also struggling daily, both with life and being Catholic, and that we can be there to help each other. The group interactions were also great. Overall, I enjoyed the retreat and the hosts from CTC were excellent, getting us into that state of grace and peace with God, through their music and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.”

The Evangelization Commission wishes to take this opportunity to thank all the youths for accepting the invitation and participating in this retreat. Thanks to the CTC team for conducting an amazing retreat and thanks to Candice Ramsaroop (Caribbean Magic Resort) for her hospitality, humility and great food.

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