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July 4, 2019
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July 4, 2019

‘Praise Breakfast’ exactly what I needed

St Anthony’s Music Ministry (background) leads the praise and worship as diners greet each other.

As a person of faith, often times I had gotten accustomed to the routine of my prayer life—daily prayer until Sunday Mass so the routine continues.

When Couples for Christ (CFC) began promoting their second annual Praise Breakfast at St Benet’s Hall, I got excited. I had attended the inaugural event and remembered the excitement and energy of it all and the scrumptious breakfast. Most of all I remembered the opportunity to sing out my praises with my dad, aunt, and best friends right around me. And this time it was Pentecost weekend… papayo! Time to praise! I organised myself to be available and present.

On arrival, my dad and I were greeted with the usual warmth and friendliness that CFC has a special way of delivering. Soon we were invited to get our breakfast which was just as delicious as it was the year before with tomato choka, saltfish, coconut bake, puffs, cupcakes, juice, tea or coffee.

Abbot John Pereira OSB opened the morning’s proceedings and prayed with us inviting the work of the Holy Spirit to begin; and as the seats filled, the joy of community (and a tasty meal) permeated St Benet’s Hall.

Then the St Anthony’s Music Ministry of Point Fortin began to minister through praise and worship—truly we all immersed ourselves in the love of the Holy Spirit that, while always present, resonates in a unique way through music.

During their ministering they invited each person to come up to be lifted up in prayer. This was different from last year and I must admit I remained content to stay seated and to sing in prayer in my spot.

Once again with that special CFC love, one of the couples came and gently invited me to go up. It’s amazing that God knows our needs better than we know them ourselves. Or rather it’s amazing how often I forget that God knows me through and through and will pour out His anointing even when I didn’t ask.

The food, the praise and intercession made a morning that was very good. I look forward to 2020. —Rica Charles