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June 13, 2019
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Dropping dress sizes

Age, they say, is supposed to bring reason, wisdom. But those of us who belong to the ‘pleasantly matured’ category, we know that other things tend to creep in, like weight, grey hairs, creaking joints—you catch my drift!

I have reached the point of demanding photographers taking my photo, whatever the occasion, to “Make sure that camera make me look thin, eh!”, as though the camera has anything to do with it!

I tuned into this programme on Lifetime Real Women, Cook Yourself Thin where women are challenged to see how many dress sizes they can drop over a six-week period.

Basically, the women are shown how to exchange ingredients high in fat and calories to those low in both areas, and, I also learnt that in looking at your fat intake, low fat, instead of non-fat products help to make the dish being prepared tasty.

It was also amazing to learn how the use of ingredients such as cinnamon sticks, ginger, peanut butter, garlic, tomatoes (raw, canned and paste), butter milk, low fat mayo, chocolate sauce, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red onions could make the food tasty. Whew! The list was endless. I even saw the team use mango juice to make a glaze for baked salmon! Remember we in mango season, eh!

Ideas were also given for desserts to satisfy those with the sweet tooth. It was interesting to observe how common ingredients including herbs and spices were used to get minimum calories but maximum flavour.

Given the prevalence of lifestyle diseases in society today, I found the programme to be a source of excellent alternatives for those who need to watch their diets.

Maybe some will say we don’t have a few of those ingredients locally, but I know we can source what we refer to as ‘put-close’ items, but then again, is there really anything we can’t get here in T&T?

We may have to pay a little more, but availability is pretty easy. From baby spinach to artichoke hearts and asparagus, all of which I have encountered in certain supermarkets.

My interest was further piqued when I saw the results after six weeks of those who took up the challenge. The two women featured dropped dress sizes and were really pleased with the result, giving incentive to the participants to continue on the dietary changes to drop more dress sizes.

I think I like that term. Instead of saying ‘losing weight’, ‘dropping dress sizes’ sounds so much more sophisticated. I think it will be easier to hear the salesperson say when shopping, “I think a large should fit you; extra-large will be too big.” Rather than the comment from those completely devoid of tact, “Like yuh lose some weight, girl! Yuh eh looking so fat again!”.

I heard a new one recently when posing for a photo with a group of friends, “Let us all turn sideways. The bulges will not be so noticeable.” Truth be told, when I viewed the photo after, I’m not too sure it worked for some of us!

Humour aside though, my intention is to view that programme Cook Yourself Thin again. In addition to the challenge of dropping dress sizes, good advice on nutrition to promote healthy eating to facilitate changes in unhealthy eating habits is given.

Personal challenges such as including the entire family in the change of eating habits project can be embarked upon. Resistance will be experienced initially, but perseverance is the key. After all, the aim is to improve health.