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New concepts in ‘EMERGENCE’

By Andrew J Fitt

Galleries and museums, in my opinion, are fundamentally crucial to a country’s well-being, offering both residents as well as outsiders the opportunity of developing an understanding of the culture and the inhabitants of the country itself. They allow the population to freely share their collective thoughts, dreams, tragedies, emotions, and everything else which contribute to the business and condition of being human. Ideas are given room to grow and imaginations a boundless freedom to soar.

Art is basically for everyone. And a brand new gallery is about to prove that very fact to everyone in ways that will make you a believer, and a diehard art lover.

Visualart Galleries Limited will launch its inaugural exhibition, EMERGENCE, on June 14, at the Academy for the Performing Arts/UTT Campus at NAPA, and will continue to run until July 2.

This is the rebirth of the Art 6 Gallery which was founded by the late visionary artist Wesley Kanhai and Jonathan Mora, and subsequently hosted over a dozen successful shows, and held multiple events alongside the British, Canadian and German embassies back in 2017.

Now Mora, along with business partner Joshua Persad, are about to harness that previous success by launching Visualart Galleries. These two young entrepreneurs hope to bring new life to the local art scene by incorporating such elements as music and dance, as well as digital art and virtual reality alongside more traditional artistic formats.

The main goal of Visualart Galleries is to usher in new concepts and new talent which can be further exported internationally, ultimately establishing a brand of excellence— a one-of-a-kind premier gallery representing the outstanding array of art and artists who reside in Trinidad and Tobago.

To this end, every exhibition and event will be unique, transforming the space accordingly by way of utilising different parts of the building itself whenever possible. This will embrace one of the gallery’s core beliefs: that art is transformative and ever changing, thus it can mean anything.

Visualart Galleries has also taken steps to improve and make sure that art continues to evolve locally, and essentially can confidently complete internationally, by formulating a special multimedia course at UTT which is designed to teach young creatives how to use the power of social media and film in advancing their careers. Such knowledge will hopefully be passed on to future creatives, encouraging more people to embrace the arts.

EMERGENCE will showcase a number of extremely gifted artists from the local art world, bringing forth fresh work to the masses. The show is being curated by Gerard Gittens, who is an established artist himself, and will feature work by actor, musician and artist Nickolai Salcedo, who has shown work in Canada.

Another great talent is Joy Luk Pat who incorporates graphic design, advertising, and other disciplines to produce artwork that is modern, abstract, and vibrant. The hugely talented Nicole Tang is also a part of EMERGENCE, merging various types of media that “investigate the juxtaposition of ideas and materials to create an organised chaos in detailed work to the complete removal of extravagant details to minimalist compositions”.

For more information on EMERGENCE call 728-0731, 303-2290 or email: