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June 6, 2019
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June 6, 2019

Our bodies: our property to do what we want?

Let's teach young men and women about saving sex for marriage

In a recent article we referred to in Bloomberg, Margaret Sanger was described as a “female trailblazer”. This is the opinion of those who see her as a saviour in the midst of the Great Depression of the 1930s where “unwanted” pregnancies left women with “sickness, disease and poverty”. It is unreal that Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood (PP) would be seen as a female trailblazer.

Since March 2019 Unplanned the movie of the true story told by Abby Johnson, a former PP Manager, has shocked audiences in the United States with the truth behind the legacy of Sanger which is abortion on demand.

After providing contraceptives at the PP centres across the United States (which are mostly in poor Black and Hispanic communities), the next clear step if the contraceptive did not work was to provide abortions. This has become the means by which that organisation gains much of their funds. In the movie, Johnson ultimately exposes the profound truth that abortions do not help women.

It is presumed that the modern-day woman wants abortion to be readily available and without stigma. Those who believe in this philosophy see the woman’s body as her property and thus she has the right to do whatsoever she wants to with it.

If she gets pregnant and it is not convenient to have a child at the moment, she should be able to simply ‘get rid of it’. The reason for the current conflict at PP sites, where there are often groups who set-up camp either against abortions or for them just outside the building, is the legal distance between anyone protesting or is anti-abortion and the PP building. This is due to some people being ‘fanatical’ in trying to convince the mother not to have the abortion.

The movie Unplanned has not been released internationally as yet; however from the trailer it is known that these opposing groups are featured in the film

Young and old alike who see the dignity of human life from the moment of conception are the ones who take the time to placard, march and/or have discussions in attempts to convince the mother that the life inside of her is worth saving. The most innocent, defenceless human being has become an endangered species at Planned Parenthood.

But doesn’t the woman have the right to do what she wants with her body? We all should indeed take care of our bodies. We at BOMA-TT emphasise that the Billings Ovulation Method® is not just for family planning, but also for women’s reproductive health to be monitored.

A woman’s body changes vastly in a pregnancy. The pregnant body makes several sacrifices in order to nourish and develop the unborn. The fact is though that there are at least two humans to be considered in a pregnancy, the mother and the child(ren) within her womb.

Unfortunately due to being tiny and voiceless, the child cannot defend itself and fight for its life. How do we resolve this problem? Knowing that sexual intercourse generally results in two things; bonding between the couple and babies, a woman has a choice to make. The choice a woman really should have is whether to have sex or not. This choice is truly a woman’s right.

Discussing these issues presents an opportunity to examine God’s plan for love. We were created for love. It is loving to save sex for marriage. Marriage is the place where couples commit to being there for each other and raising children together. Using the Billings Method for family planning can help couples have “wanted” pregnancies.

What Margaret Sanger did not see was that if women were offered support, the very idea of abortion would not even occur to them. If those women in the early 1900s were taught how to observe their signs of fertility and use guidelines to postpone pregnancy, unwanted pregnancies would not have occurred.

If those same women were offered good maternal care and social support, “sickness, disease and poverty” would not have widely ensued. But in those times, these were not readily available, so it would have been felt that Sanger did well for the women of her time.

We are in new times where the Billings Method is available, maternal care has vastly improved and there is more social support for those in desperate cases. Let us use these improved means we have available to us and work on teaching young men and women about saving sex for marriage.

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