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Plant protection for pets from pests

We simply cannot live without them! Pets, especially dogs and cats, have become integral parts of our families. Pet parents are now ensuring that their ‘fur babies’ are given the best of treatment, from meals to love and attention.

I have personally seen how the love of a pet can have positive impacts on a person’s life. Studies have shown that the bond between a pet and their owner can decrease stress levels and depression and increase fitness levels, socialisation and happiness.

For all canine and feline owners, the moment ticks and fleas appear is a sure moment of panic. Ticks and fleas are parasites which attach to your pet by inserting their mouth parts into their skin and they feed on their blood. Not only do they cause itching and severe discomfort, their bites can lead to infections and diseases (Lyme Disease).

The best way to keep your pet safe is with repellants recommended by your veterinarian. However, you also need to keep your outdoor environment and landscape free from ticks and fleas since they tend to live in the soil.

There are many plants that can be integrated into your garden to naturally repel ticks and fleas.

Rosemary is an earthy smelling herb that has powerful insecticidal properties. Besides being used in cooking, the essential oils generated from rosemary adds an extra layer of protection to your pet’s coat when they brush past these shrubs.

Chrysanthemums, containing the organic compound pyrethrum, has the ability to disable the nervous system of fleas, making it the perfect flower for your landscape and to keep these pests away.

Lavender, known for its sweet smell and beautiful purple flower, is very effective for repelling ticks. Many pet care shampoos are scented with this aroma.

Other plants which act as natural repellants are marigolds, sage and lemon grass. You can also prevent ticks and fleas in your outdoor environment by keeping your grass short, applying dry wood chips to the perimeter of your yard which will act as a physical barrier and ensure that rodents keep away.

A combination of all these preventative measures will ensure that your pet is safe from these pesky pests!