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May 10, 2019
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May 10, 2019

Migrant moms need assistance

The co-ordinator of the St Joseph Parish Ministry to Migrants and Refugees (PMMR) has given the assurance that while their list of migrant mothers “continues to grow”, they will try their best to fill their needs.

When Catholic News last spoke to Charmaine Andrews in February (See ‘Baby supplies for migrant mothers’, Feb 22, Features section, she made an appeal for baby supplies for three pregnant migrant women. She shared that all three mothers from Venezuela and Cuba have given birth at Mt Hope hospital to boys—two are now two months old and the other, a few weeks old.

Andrews expressed thanks for the “tremendous response” from the public since their plight was highlighted. She mentioned the donations included a crib, two strollers, one changing table and four car seats.

However, the need still exists as the St Joseph PMMR is working with new mothers—those with newborns and expectant mothers. This time, she said, they are expecting girls.

“The donations are intermittent…We get donations from schools, individuals and groups from Church. It was the result of drives…We will continue to accept donations—toiletries, non-perishable groceries and supplies for mothers and their babies,” she said via phone.

Commenting on the donation drive, Andrews mentioned that the most recent was at the parish on Holy Thursday. Items received went towards the PMMR and St Vincent de Paul.

She provided an update on the ESL classes (English as Second Language) to teach migrants English. It was launched February 17 and held every Sunday for 10 weeks. Phase One ends at the end of May. “We will take a break and resume,” she said, when asked when phase two commences.

Of the migrant mothers that she interacts with Andrews says, “We do keep in touch with them. I have their numbers so I call them all the time. If there’s any request I try to facilitate them with the limited resources.”- KJ

Persons interested in making donations to the St Joseph Parish Ministry to Migrants and Refugees (PMMR) can contact the parish at 662-2827.