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May 3, 2019
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May 4, 2019

Catholic News Easter hats*

Lara Pickford-Gordon,

The pupils of Nelson Street Girls’ RC used their imagination and talent to create lovely hats with an Easter theme using recycled Catholic News.

It was the first time the school decided to host the event and the main instruction was they must “incorporate the Catholic News”. The hats were done as class and individual projects, and pupils also created Easter banners.

Today (May 3) Kathryn Tardieu, General Manager Catholic Media Services Ltd, which produces the Catholic News, , and senior writer Lara Pickford-Gordon had the challenge of judging the hats; web/Social Media Officer Tshenelle Bethel judged the banners.

The hats had titles such as ‘Garden of Glory’, ‘Ms Eva’s Easter Garden’, ‘Explosion’,  and ‘Pretty in Pink’. Catholic News could be seen in the lining of hats, in the hand-crafted flowers made of the paper, and in the embellishments.

Principal Lisa Hinds-Lynch said, “I really want our children to think of CAMSEL as part of them, and to boost Catholic News in the school…I’m applauding their efforts.” She was already thinking ahead proposing, “next year we will have a Catholic News dress”. Hinds-Lynch hinted that the school planned to do something for Pentecost.

On hand to escort the judges was Standard Three pupil, Kayla Carrington, nine years. She wore a dress consisting of crepe paper and pellon which was created by Leeann Bailey, a children’s carnival band designer based in Buller Street, Woodbrook.

The winners were: First: Charlene Davis’ Standard 3 class; Second: Garden of Shining Glory; Third was a tie: Bernadette Ramharack and Makadah de Peiza’s class and ‘Garden of Glory’, Makyla Maynard’s First Year class.

Banner winners: First: Jay Jobe’s class, Second: Shelly Wells-Joseph’s class and Third: Keira M Charles/ Kimberly Chinapoo’s class.