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April 27, 2019
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April 27, 2019

Bishop Alleyne: Cannot be business as usual


As Guyana awaits the outcome of legal pronouncements flowing from the ‘No Confidence’ vote in the Parliament last December, the Bishop of Georgetown maintains that it cannot be business as usual. Bishop Francis Alleyne OSB, in his Easter message, said that moving a nation from no confidence to trust and collaboration will take much more than legislation can offer.

The full text of the bishop’s message was published in the Catholic Standard, April 19 issue. In it, Bishop Alleyne opined that “Easter people”—who make up a significant portion of Civil Society and take up the invitation to live the Mystery—can put the nation on a new course, one of accompaniment creating spaces and circumstances that heal the divisions of race, politics, gender and generation and the many other ways the country is fragmented and divided.

He said his Easter wish is that the season meets the faithfi11 as individuals and as communities, society and nation. “Our mandate, as Easter people, is to live the Mystery, something within our reach, something for which we need each other.
Pope Francis often uses the term ‘accompaniment’; journeying with, listening, sharing…direction with gaze and goal towards life to the full. This we can make real for ourselves real for ourselves and those in close proximity to us,” Bishop Alleyne said. The Bishop wished too, that prayer sustains the nation for “When one encounters  the Lord it cannot be business as usual”.