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April 18, 2019
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April 18, 2019

When the Poui blooms

Photographer Gerard-Paul Wanliss captured this yellow Poui tree in bloom along the Churchill–Roosevelt Highway.

There is a saying “April showers bring May flowers”. The Easter period is the time of year where our gardens awaken with beautifully coloured petals and the magnificent Poui tree takes full bloom.

Tabebuia, locally known as the Poui, is definitely one of the most gorgeous flowering trees that can be seen in Trinidad and Tobago when they are in full blossom. It is often said that when the Poui trees are filled with flowers, we know that Easter is upon us and the rainy season is near.

The genus Tabebuia is classified almost entirely of trees but there are a few shrubs and some species that produce timber. Poui trees can be found not only in Caribbean countries but also in Florida, South America and Northern Mexico.

It can grow up to 30 metres in height, have a trunk diameter of 100cm and its flowers are grown in clusters.

The stunning pink (Tabebuia rosea) and yellow (Tabebuia serratifolia) blossoms are usually seen between January to May each year. It is a breathtaking sight when these trees are grown together forming a canopy of blossoms and flower beds when they fall to the ground.

The wood derived from Poui trees are known to be insect resistant hence it is used for furniture and many outdoor projects such as boardwalks and decks. Admirers of this tree understand the aesthetic value and know that when the Poui blooms, it is indeed a sight worth seeing.

White, pink, yellow and purple are all classic Easter colours hence for this Easter, the perfect flowers for your centerpieces/décor or gifts are purple and white orchids, yellow and white daisies and hyacinths.

Peace Lilies and Calla Lilies are very special for Easter since the white lily symbolises the hope and purity of Christ’s Resurrection.

I wish you, dear reader, a warm and Happy Easter. May you find the renewal of hope, health, love and the spirit of God.

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