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April 15, 2019
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April 16, 2019

Men eager to reach out to Church*

A combination of 72 men from the Paramin and Chaguanas Catholic men’s group gathered at the St Catherine’s Retreat Estate, Valencia for a day of laughter, prayer, discussion and fellowship for their 2nd annual Lenten retreat, Saturday, April 6.

Under the theme Reach Out  Kyle Dardaine of  the Companions of The Transfigured Christ (CTC) led the men through  a fulfilling and deeply reflective day.

One of the hopes is that more men’s groups would join together for annual retreats in an attempt to enliven the men’s ministry in the Archdiocese.

At the closing of the retreat it was felt that God was indeed breathing new life into the men’s ministry of our Archdiocese and the launch of the National Catholic Men’s Ministry (NCMM) (March 19) ushered in The Holy Spirit to make all things new in our land.

The Chaguanas and Paramin men left this extremely scenic estate with a strong desire to ‘Reach Out’ to other men and renew the Church.- Allan Julien