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April 7, 2019
Brazil RC ‘walk with Jesus’
April 7, 2019

Hardbargain RC pupils ‘go fishing’ for Lent

Pupils get ready to play the word game.

Lent is a time of preparation for Easter, through prayer, repentance of sins, as well as almsgiving. At Hardbargain RC School, the pupils are educated about our Catholic faith by engaging them in fun but meaningful activities inside the various subject areas. ‘Fish for a Word’ was one such activity, played with our Second Years pupils.

The word attack game involved the use of a magnetised fishing rod and words written on fish cut-outs. The words used were an integration of letter sounds done by using the Jolly Phonics Programme of the Ministry of Education which is funded by Republic Bank and spearheaded by Ramona Khan.

Each word used highlighted our Lenten journey—things we strive to do and those actions we try to avoid. Words such as ‘sin’, ‘love,’ ‘greed’, ‘giving’, ‘pray’, ‘fasting,’ ‘repent,’ and ‘hate’ were used to reinforce the sounds that were taught in the Jolly Phonics Programme.

Once a word was caught with the fishing rod, the student was required to blend the sounds and say the word. They were then required to state whether the word was a positive or negative action. After the activity was completed, students were given dictation with the words just identified. The lesson created excitement among the pupils.

The school also embarked on a Lenten drive with each class giving alms to aid a schoolmate who is currently recovering from surgery. Students of the Second Year class have continued being supportive and even taking the message of giving to their parents. We have subsequently seen an outpouring of donations such as books, clothing and get-well baskets for the recovering student.

As we continue on our journey of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, we the Second Year teachers are reminded that if we teach a child to fish we produce great readers, awesome spellers, wonderful writers, as well as amazing little ones who truly understand the pillars of Lent.— Sumatie Ablack-Sinanan and Misty Matthews