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March 3, 2019
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March 3, 2019

Inspired to be the best that we can be

THE advertisement begins with a woman standing in front of a mirror looking sadly at her bandaged chest, her head is tied with a scarf, these two factors implying that she is a cancer patient.

Her little girl, eight, opens the door to the room and sees her mother’s distress. She runs forward and gives her a big hug, communicating understanding and comfort.

Fast forward to a few years and the scene changes to the little girl, now a doctor, is completing a surgical procedure. Moved by her mother’s obvious distress at her situation, Rola Eid was motivated and inspired to embark on a path to bring relief, not only to her mother but to others who were suffering the same health issues.

At the end of the ad, these words come up on the screen, “What inspires us makes us who we are.” Strong, but beautiful sentiments!

Her mother’s plight inspired her to become Dr Rola Eid, medical director of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centre of America.

I began to think about the citizens of this twin-island nation and apply questions based on the statement in the ad. Who are we? What inspires us?

As individuals, professionals, entertainers, sportsmen and women, religious leaders, students, politicians, all who make up the landscape of this society, is our inspiration a burning desire to improve the lot of others, a yearning to be the best that we can be at whatever we do, an aim for personal betterment?

Sadly, in many instances, selfishness and inconsideration are allowed to be the driving force behind our actions. When this is the case, these actions cause us to be viewed as a society whose main concern is about getting ahead by any means necessary, very often to the detriment of others.

But life gives us hope and this hope is manifested through the many individuals and groups in our society who selflessly and lovingly, continue to be sources of inspiration to many.

Faced with situations which sometimes seem insurmountable, there are individuals and groups, organisations and families, whose resilience and faith serve as inspiration to others to persevere in faith. Character is formed, goals are met and others are encouraged to become the best that they can be because of the inspiration they received from these people and situations.

Then there are those whose lifestyle and the way they live and interact with others inspire some to truly strive to become the best that they can be. In our communities, churches, work places, etc., we encounter many who encourage us to strive for excellence in our endeavours.

Dr Eid used her mother’s plight to inspire her to become a medical doctor in oncology so that others who were terminally ill could be helped to endure and overcome their situation. It was her passion to care and she went the whole route as a plastic surgeon specialising in reconstructive surgery.

In the organisation where she works, she is a beacon of hope for many. We too can try. Especially for the youth and young adults, the need for people in our society who inspire and motivate is very real.

I think of age-old favourites such as ‘Wind beneath My Wings’ and ‘Hero’, whose lyrical content affirms the people among us who inspire and motivate us to be the best that we can be; people we can count on for support and encouragement as we try to become the best that we can be.

As Dr Rola Eid advises, it takes inspiration to make us who we are.