8th Sunday of OT (C)
March 2, 2019
Patois Mass: rooted in our culture
March 2, 2019

Central lectors receive training

THE Parish of St Philip and St James, Chaguanas hosted its lectors training programme for four consecutive Saturdays: January 12, 19, 26 and February 2.

There were approximately 60 participants with some invitees from the Carapichaima Parish. The sessions were led by senior altar server of the St Finbar’s Parish, Franklyn Maharaj. Chaguanas parish priest Fr Derek Anton warmly welcomed all present at the first session.

The four sessions were well executed as they dealt with various aspects of a lector’s responsibility. Session one introduced participants to the lectionary, significant part of the Mass and the importance of the lector’s ministry.

Session two dealt with the physical layout of the church; the table of the Word, the ambo; and the altar, the table of the Eucharist. Both were highlighted as the tables where the faithful are fed, spiritually by the Word and physically by the Eucharist.

This session also dealt with respect and reverence for the Word of God: pronunciation, enunciation, pace and punctuation marks. It was rather fun for all to do the tongue twister exercises to improve enunciation and pronunciation. Participants also had the opportunity to practise reading to highlight the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

Session three, ‘Stop Reading and Start Proclaiming’, examined the actual method and expectation of the lector as he/she “proclaims” the message. Session four dealt with the praying of the Prayer of the Faithful and the announcements. Pointers were given on the way both should be done.

Mark 16:15 commands us with this training: “As you go, into the world proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation”. Here lies the epitome of the call of one who proclaims the Word of God to the faithful. – Rosemarie Siewnarine, participant