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February 24, 2019
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February 24, 2019

Teams of Our Lady celebrates 80 years

Team couples celebrate the 80th anniversary of the movement. Photo courtesy Hassan & Beverley Ali.

The 80th anniversary of Teams of Our Lady worldwide will be celebrated tomorrow (February 25) by 69,000 couples in over 90 countries, including Trinidad and Tobago.

This year, all couples in Teams around the world are encouraged to have their monthly meeting on this date in commemoration of the very first meeting of a Team of Our Lady.

Our founder, Fr Henri Caffarel met together with four couples in France February 28, 1939 to reflect with them on marriage also being a path to holiness.

The movement grew and was formally recognised with the promulgation of the Charter on December 8, 1947 in Paris. It further gained the Papal Decree of Recognition in 1992.

The participants in this first meeting had a burning desire to love and follow Christ while continuing to love their spouse in their Sacrament of Marriage.

How to reconcile these two loves: the love of Christ and the love of one’s spouse? Without this firm intention to follow Christ, to find our source in Him, our commitment to our spouse, family and community becomes a greater counter-culture challenge.

The whole of the Teams’ pedagogy helps us to open our eyes to discover how God is present in our lives, how God is present in our spouse, how He stands beside us and accompanies us, and that the two loves are compatible.

It was not yet called Teams of Our Lady but from the very beginning, it was a matter of walking together in the name of Christ. It starts in the couple with married prayer, the sit-down, preparing for the monthly Team meeting where we listen, exchange and share.

It is because we trust one another, because we are willing to receive from the other person that we can listen to what Christ tells us, especially in the richness of the presence of the spiritual counsellor. In this diversity of couples, stages of life, and sacraments (marriage and holy orders), we discover the whole wealth of the Church.

If you wish to join with over 50 couples in Trinidad and Tobago on this journey of living marriage as a sacrament, please email or call Peter & Linda 737-2070 for more information. – Teams of Our Lady