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February 23, 2019
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February 24, 2019

Alpha alive at SJCSJ

St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph (SJCSJ) has been successfully hosting Alpha with their Lower and Upper 6 students for the past three to four years with a total of over 120 students partaking. Mary Lochan, together with the assistance of Rhonda Alexander-Nancoo have been the driving forces behind introducing Alpha at the school.

SJCSJ first started the Alpha Journey with the Nikki Gumble Series before they were introduced to the Youth Alpha Series, which was very much appreciated by the students who were both responsive and open in their sharing in the group sessions. With 30 to 40 students at each Alpha Journey, they experienced laughter, fun, fellowship and friendship.

Now, as with all youths, the first question that was asked was, “What is Alpha?”. Alpha is one of the tools used to evangelise. It is a spiritual journey about the life of Jesus Christ and is an opportunity for anyone to explore their spirituality from a Christian perspective. It is a ten to 11 weeks’ journey with a one-day retreat that is called the ‘Day Away Retreat’.

The Day Away Retreat with the SJCSJ students is always exciting for the girls as it is a day away from the school compound. This retreat over the years has always been held at The UWI Chaplaincy, St Augustine. The venue is quite peaceful and is the perfect atmosphere needed for this special day.

The day commences with Praise and Worship led by Alexander-Nancoo. This session is normally a time of singing, dancing and praising God. After the Praise and Worship, videos are shown and then the students are placed in groups where they discuss the videos and are given the opportunity to freely discuss anything or ask any question.

The essence of the day away is the prayer session after lunch. This is where we invite Alpha Prayer Warriors from the different vicariates to assist with praying for each of the students. Our Prayer Warriors have always been willing to accept this invitation especially when they know they are praying for our youth. The Commission would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our Prayers Warriors who have been faithful to the call.

For the past three to four years, this session has been an eye opener for most of the students where they experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is also a time where the youths support one another.

We are therefore inviting other schools to partake in this dynamic journey about the life of Jesus Christ. It is for students from 14 years and older. May the Holy Spirit be your guide.

For further information contact Maria and Margaret at The Evangelization Commission, 671-0133/671-4177.

Email: alphatrinidadandtobago@gmail.com
Website:  www.alpha.org/trinidadandtobago
Facebook: Alpha in Trinidad and Tobago