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February 15, 2019
First Communion catechists encouraged in follow-up session
February 15, 2019

A way forward for Confirmation programme

Archbishop Gordon speaks to the gathering of Confirmation catechists. Photos: Elmo Griffith

Approximately 250 Confirmation catechists from throughout the Archdiocese gathered at the auditorium of Holy Faith Convent, Couva on January 26, to meet with Archbishop Jason Gordon to discuss the way forward in the preparation of candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

During the first segment, many challenges were expressed from lack of parental and parish personnel involvement and the inability to reach candidates and parents on a personal level, to connect with youths. Lack of persons joining the catechetical ministry was also a major setback.

Archbishop Gordon, in the second session stressed that the programme is in transition and the Archdiocese will have to keep adapting the programme until “we get the right fit” for the young people.

He noted the age group that we are now dealing with is very different from when we, the catechists, were preparing for Confirmation. Today’s youth are very social and are fluent in the use of social media. We can no longer reach them by just talking to them.

Our witness speaks more than we dare to imagine. Moments of silence and teaching them to pray and come into a relationship with Jesus are an important preparation for life.

In the final session, Archbishop Gordon challenged the catechists present to identify success within the Confirmation programme. The response was heartening. Most important was having an intimate relationship with God through prayer.

Archbishop Gordon thanked the catechists for their commitment and encouraged them to keep learning and witnessing to the faith they profess.—A participant, Eastern Vicariate