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February 2, 2019
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February 2, 2019

21 and counting: Couples For Christ comes of age

CFC Tobago members entertain with a speech band.

It all started with a Christian Life Programme in Holy Name Convent 21 years ago, January 1998. It’s safe to say that Couples For Christ (CFC) Trinidad and Tobago can no longer be referred to as a young ministry in the Archdiocese of PoS, but one that has come of age. What better way to celebrate this milestone anniversary than with our CFC brothers and sisters in Tobago?

Most members arrived at our beautiful sister isle either a few days in advance or on the Saturday before the anniversary Mass to celebrate CFC Trinbago’s 21st anniversary.

Over 100 CFC members from Trinidad, along with our Tobago family, assembled at the breathtaking Canoe Bay for a barbeque ‘lime’. Mixed rice, potato salad, chicken and fish were some of the delicious foods that were served.

Members were free to walk about, enjoy the captivating view, as well as to feel the cool breeze caress their skin and the fresh sea revitalise their senses. It was a magical moment to experience all the hugs by members whom I haven’t seen for the year, as well as looking at the love and laughter shared amongst the CFC members.

Sunday morning, we walked into the warmly lit St Joseph RC Church, Scarborough. The first thing that caught my eye was the sea of CFC Handmaids of the Lord and other CFC members all dressed in their white shirts.

The choir warmly welcomed us to their parish and began their praise and worship session before Mass. I was truly blown away by the energy of the choir and was blessed to experience the gift of song and praise. It was a real honour to open our mouths and offer high worship and praise to God.

During the homily by parish priest Fr Leslie Tang Kai, a former member of CFC Singles For Christ, we were reminded not to get weary and tired, and that the journey has just begun.

After Mass, members headed to the parish hall for brunch. Some of the dishes included bake, accra, smoked herring, ham, sweet bread and banana bread to be washed down with drinks like sorrel, passion fruit and mauby.

After getting something to eat, we headed back to the church where CFC members were treated to a cultural presentation put on by our Tobago family. Some of the acts included a humorous presentation ‘Laughter is Contagious’ plus musical entertainment by the members, drumming and singing as well a Tobago speech band, something that was quite new to me.

I was very impressed by the massive amount of talent that was brought forward by our Tobago family and felt honoured to be a part of the experience.

To end off the celebrations we were addressed by Sean Julien, member of CFC Servants of the Lord. We were reminded not to become lethargic after 21 years of serving but to make use of our gifts to help the community grow. He then asked for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to revitalise and refresh the members.

The day ended in a mini-praise fest to celebrate all that God has done for CFC Trinidad and Tobago and all that He will continue to do for us in the coming years. I am truly blessed to be a part of this community and I’m not leaving any time soon.— Aliyah Maynard, Mission Volunteer, CFC Youth For Christ.