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January 25, 2019
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Zion celebrates 39 years of ministry

Fr Wilfred John (right) celebrates the anniversary Mass. Photos: Elmo Griffith

By Kaelanne Jordan,

As Zion RC Community celebrated its 39th anniversary Mass, Fr Wilfred John prayed that their light will never go out; their torch will never be extinguished; and the Community’s hope will not be quenched by misfortunes, trials or adverse circumstances.

Fr John, the main celebrant at the 10 a.m. Mass, January 19 at Zion Centre, Harold Avenue, Marabella believed that throughout the years of Zion’s ministry, there were periods when its leaders doubted whether God was “favouring” their ministry.

“But when we have consoling words and readings like we heard today, we recognise that the human condition is one in which we have our doubts, we have our trials, we have our challenges but still the Lord says ‘He who endures to the end, he will be saved; he who endures to the end, he will be given the crown of victory’.”

To this end, Fr John thanked God that Zion RC Community weathered the storm.

He observed that anniversaries are a “blessed” time that reminds all of the road travelled and the road still to be travelled.

Using the analogy of the traffic lights, Fr John said, “…when we reach the anniversary, we can’t say that’s it; stop, red light; perpetual red light…No way…The red light turns back to amber and then to green…” he said.

Fr John gave the example of Cuthbert ‘Cutty’ Meijas (deceased) who affirmed that God’s ministers never retire. They work until they “drop”. He agreed that some of us will require a break, a change of scenery and a time to breathe, reminisce and reflect to gain new strength.

Similarly, he hoped that Zion RC Community would be “reinflated” and “reenergised” to continue. “This work does not seem to be stopping at all….” he opined.

Some members of the Zion Community photographed after the Mass.