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January 15, 2019
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January 15, 2019

The truth about our bodies

Are you looking for new rules for this New Year? Are you looking for prescriptions for a happier life? What can increase our love and laughter?

Let us welcome this New Year as a golden opportunity for change—for the better, of course. To begin again is what we are called to as humans and especially as Catholic Christians.

Daily as we struggle with our faults we ask God to help us be better each and every day so that the service we render in His Kingdom may be perfected in love. When we close our eyes then, He would be happy to receive us in the next.

One way to do so is to learn the truth about our bodies and tell others about it, too. We are wonderfully made and nature can work for us if we learn more about what God has placed in our natural bodies.

As with any New Year’s resolution, slow and steady wins the race! We encourage you to take the time to visit our website ——to read and watch videos on the beautiful intricacies of our reproductive nature.

It was not by fluke that Dr John Billings revealed this truth. God put this in his path to let the world know that there is a way to realise God’s plan for married life and live in the modern world with its diverse challenges.

Taken from a free booklet entitled Increase and Multiply on “God created the natural order and anyone who turns away from this order is bound to end up with some problems. God made us simple, but we have the knack and tendency to make things complex for ourselves. The primary purpose of marriage is the procreation and education of children. The secondary purpose for marriage is for ‘mutual help and a remedy for concupiscence’ (strong sexual desire).

Before the fall of Adam and Eve, there was no need for a remedy for concupiscence. After their disobedience, we now struggle every day with the world, the flesh and the devil.

We must in effect create boundaries for ourselves, as we now have a tendency not to follow God’s Laws because of their original disobedience. We are taught that we should practise the virtue of Chastity which respects one’s beloved before marriage and after marriage.

We are taught that nothing must be done to frustrate the marital act. Every marital act should be both unitive and procreative and should not be deliberately blocked. It’s not that every martial act will result in a pregnancy, but our openness to life is important in our being obedient to Our Creator.

We don’t give life, life is granted by God or not. God calls us to responsible parenthood where we are generous. The greater our generosity, the greater our love grows. We are called to regulate the number of births in our families once there are serious reasons to do so.”

Certainly, we are not islands and so we as a community at BOMA-TT teach the Billings Ovulation Method® with love to anyone who would like to learn the method.

The method is simple, yet highly effective in assisting couples either achieve or postpone pregnancy with no drugs or devices and it empowers women in their understanding of and the monitoring of their reproductive health.

The ideal time to learn about how our bodies’ function would be at the time of puberty. The choices we make during and after that time certainly shape who we become in life: married persons, single persons or religious persons.

Help us to help our youth and young adults learn about their bodies so that they make better decisions for their future. We look forward to your call, text or email.

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