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January 13, 2019
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January 14, 2019

Mary, Mother of Marriage Vocations

Sunday, December 9, 2018 was the second Sunday of the series of La Divin Devotions (2018–2019). The main theme was Mary, Mother of Vocations. Fr Dexter Brereton CSSp shared on the sub-theme ‘Mary at the Wedding Feast of Cana/Mary, Mother of Marriage Vocations’.

Following his brief but very enlightening sharing on the Gospel of the Second Sunday of Advent, Fr Dexter explored the sub-theme of the devotion. He focused on the fact that Mary did not simply sit idly playing with her purse strap but instead entered the kitchen as was the tradition for most females during that time.

It was her desire to offer assistance to the family of the wedding party that led to the discovery that the wine had finished. Mary forever sensitive to the needs of families especially all the issues that affect married men and women immediately sought help for this newly married couple.

Fr Dexter highlighted that this should serve as a reminder to all of us that “Mary cares about the great things that affects the family, such as the death of a child as well as the simple things such as when your cake falls. Mary cares! She always cares!”.

In a story that concerned his personal friends, the couple took their issue of childlessness to La Divina Pastora a few years ago. They are now parents of two children with a baby on the way. The couples’ faith and trust in the intercessory power of Our Lady removed the source of pain in their marriage.

Fr Dexter claimed that married people are also at the centre of the Church’s concern and “documents of the Second Vatican Council state that the health of human society and the health of the human individual that makes up that society, rest upon the health of marriage and family”.

“If marriage and family are in a good place, then society is in a good place. If marriage and family are in crisis, then the whole world, the whole society is in crisis”.

He encouraged married couples to follow Jesus’ example and get back up every time they fall due to serious family conflict, personality clashes, and all other minor and major issues.

Fr Dexter also made reference to the fact that Mary lived in a world as dangerous as our own. She was a migrant in Egypt, escaping Herod and his desire to kill the infant sons of Jews. The Holy Family of Nazareth bore the status of migrants and this is why our Church is especially tender towards migrants.

In closing, Fr Dexter reminded the congregation that La Divin can help untie the knots in our lives, our relationships, our marriages and our finances. Trust Mary; trust La Divina Pastora and the power of her intercession on our behalf.

The next La Divina Devotions takes place today Sunday, January13 at 3 p.m. The sub-theme is ‘Mary Mother of Religious Vocations’. The celebrant is Fr Robert Christo and Sr Renée Hall OP will give the talk.— Story and photo by Crystal Gabrielle M Sylvester, La Divina Pastora RC, Siparia