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January 7, 2019
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January 7, 2019

Coming Soon: Vocations Camp 2019

When last did your son or daughter, niece or nephew attend a camp? Yes, when last did they attend a camp with tents, sleeping bags, bonfire, food, sunlight, moonlight, rain and sun, and obstacle courses together with exciting stories around a campfire?  Such a camp is coming soon to our Archdiocese.

In the near future, Generation S will host a camp for Catholic young men ages 16 to 18 years around the allied themes of: Adventure, Challenge and Mission amidst Obstacles.

We are envisioning this camp to encourage our young people to widen their vocational horizons. It is the hope of Generation S to place marriage, single life, consecrated life and priesthood on equal footing on the horizon of every confirmed Catholic. We are hoping the camp will be a novel way of engaging young people in the vocations conversation.

We will use the theme of outdoor camping to help them process vocation by paralleling the vocation journey with the outdoor camping experience. During this camp, in a physical atmosphere of adventure and challenge, our Catholic young people will be inspired to think and talk vocation as adventure and challenge.

The entire campsite will be designed to capture the imagination of the youth through which they would see vocation as an ‘adventure’ and ‘challenge’ in ‘mission amidst many obstacles’.

We are asking parents and guardians to be open to registering their young people on this camp. The date and venue will be announced soon. Registration will have a cut-off date.

We pray that this Vocations Camp 2019 will help young people discover the seeds of a vocation that may have been sown in their hearts by the Lord.

If you are willing to contribute to the running of this camp, please contact Fr Matthew d’Hereaux at St Joseph Parish Office at 662-2827.