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December 29, 2018
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December 29, 2018

Christmas mystery reminds us of God’s love

Members of the Holy Cross RC Choir sing at the opening. Photos: Raymond Syms

Amid the bustle on the Brian Lara Promenade Friday, December 21, Archbishop Jason Gordon called for love to be the guiding force in the lives of citizens.

He was delivering a sermon at the opening of the Christian Council of Trinidad and Tobago (CCTT) crèche at downtown Port of Spain. The theme was Mary did you hear? and the sub-theme ‘Have you heard that Christ is coming?’.

The crèche for years was situated close to Abercromby Street but this year was moved in the vicinity of the Cipriani roundabout and in the thick of things.

Archbishop Gordon joked about why the audience had gathered at that time of day, answering that it “had to be something really special and I know although I am dressed up, it ain’t me”.  He added, “We come here because of a little child that draws us to this place.”

Looking toward the crèche he said the gathering was in remembrance of the story which began the new life being celebrated and new life to which all were invited to live.

The baby invites vulnerability because God is love and the Christmas story is the story of God’s incredible love for His people.  Archbishop Gordon quoted John 3:16 with the audience joining in the recitation of the verse.

He gave this message: “The Christmas mystery reminds us we are in need of this love, and our world is in need of this love, so we have to find a way to love because if we experience the love of the Christ child then we must become love to everyone around.”

Fr Steve Duncan, moderator, Santa Rosa/Malabar Cluster gave the opening and intercessory prayers, and vote of thanks. There were musical contributions by members of the Holy Cross Choir (Santa Cruz), Holy Spirit Choir (Malabar) and St Cecelia’s Choir (Maracas Valley). Sr Adriana Noel O Carm recited a decade of the rosary for peace in the world.

The CCTT evening of prayer, worship and carols continued December 27 and 28. – LPG