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December 13, 2018
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Bishop Nicasio (centre) at the Garifuna Day Mass in November in Los Angeles, California. The Garifuna are an Amerindian ethnic group native to Central America. Bishop Nicasio is of Garifuna heritage. Photo taken from Christian Herald.


Bishop Lawrence Sydney Nicasio of Belize City-Belmopan has reminded Catholic Christians that they are called to celebrate and live the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.

“When we are called to truly know who is being born to us, then we will be able to celebrate this season not as the world wants us to celebrate it, but as the way Christ, who gives this season to us, wants us to celebrate it.”

In his Christmas message to the diocese, the bishop explained that “To know Him is to know exactly what He stands for, for what He wants us to hope for each day.” He then urged all “followers of Christ” to return to the true understanding, meaning and purpose of the birth of our Saviour into this world.

Bishop Nicasio’s full message was published in The Christian Herald, December issue.

The crux of his message focused on God as love and the author of love. He affirmed that there is no life or living outside of Christ.

“Don’t call what you do in this life, true living if Jesus is not a part of it. Jesus himself tells us: ‘apart from me you can do nothing’. Remember that living for yourself or living for the world is not a life lived in Christ Jesus.” He continued, “Now you know the reason why God the Father sent us a Saviour, who is Christ and Lord.”

Bishop Nicasio questioned that like the apostles, do we know this Lord and Saviour who has been born to us? Do we appreciate Him who is Christ and Lord? Do we understand his importance to humanity and to life? Or would one say that His birth was a wasted gift to humanity?

The bishop believed that “true Christian people” who take their name seriously, love the Christmas season. For them, he said, it is a time to remember again the love of God for people in Belize and the world and the reason why we choose to follow Christ.

It is also a time to remember again to be like the branches that are well attached to the vine and to remember that there is no kind of real life or living away from Jesus, the Lord of Christmas.