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December 13, 2018
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December 13, 2018

Embarking on an Advent-ure

By Kwesi Alleyne, seminarian

Do you know that God wants to do a work in and through you? A religious sister recently shared that some years ago she learnt this definition of liturgy from a wise priest: “Liturgy is the work of God through the People of God”.

Just as this succinct idea about our communal worship has served her well, we can all do well in this Advent Season to draw upon some of its wisdom as we embark upon the advent-ure of a new liturgical year.

How eager are you during the week for the unique encounter that Christ is preparing for you at each Sunday liturgy?

Jesus is on an adventure. His steps are quick. He is coming to you and to me. He has in mind a special work of salvation which He wants to accomplish in each of us individually, and in all of us as a community, as we gather together in His name.

As He comes, how do I come? Does Wednesday meet me so yearning to hear the voice of the master, that I feel compelled to put aside some time to read the gospel for the coming Sunday in anticipation of what God may want to do in me through this word?

What about that ride to Mass that can often be so filled with bickering and squabbles? Can I invite the family to pause for just a few moments to pray, maybe before we leave the house or as we are on our way?

Consciously we tell the Lord of our burning desire to meet Him and ask for the grace to be truly present to Him as He speaks to us and as He touches our lives anew.

What does God want to do in our lives today? Only God knows. The surprise awaits, however, as the Holy Spirit uncovers and we discover.

I offer one suggestion from this Sunday’s liturgical treasure. God wants to bring us JOY so that through us the joy of the gospel may spread, that in our families the joy of love be felt and that our parishes may be communities in which the holiness of a people who rejoice in the Lord is experienced.

This Advent Season may we let Jesus do a new work of JOY in and through us.