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December 7, 2018
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December 7, 2018

Sadness over no Shiva Boys’

Shiva Boys’ Hindu College captain Judah Garcia (centre) collects the Coca Cola South Zone Intercol trophy from SSFL president William Wallace (right) after defeating Naparima College 2-0 at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium on November 23, 2017. Photo taken Wired868

by Alvin Corneal

It’s sad that within the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) a top soccer school over the past few years, Shiva Boys’ Hindu College, did not participate in the league this current year.

I was shocked over their absence and decided to investigate from the relevant authorities, the reason for their non-participation. I recall the problems which emanated from using players illegitimately by the school management last year. There was suspension for whatever the infringement would have been.

This is a good principle for the SSFL to ensure that none of the rules should be broken and the appropriate penalty should be handed out.

However, no type of penalty should be handed down to the entire school where the management took the decision to withdraw from the competition for the season. My understanding is that the decision was made by the school management and NOT the SSFL.

If that was correct information, then I am surprised and disappointed that school authorities deprived the players of developing their game and enjoying the process of competitiveness which is a vital part of their upbringing.

Suspension from the competition, regardless of placement at the end of the league, is appropriate and the stern warning should have been given to the principal and teachers attached to the team.

That is enough! In the new season, even if they are demoted,  they must be motivated to show that they have the desire, the discipline, and sporting behaviour to carry on.

Parents and teachers alike, should be aware that the values in sport of any kind, tend to help children understand defeat, increase their determination in every aspect of their lives, and put their shoulders to the wheel to return to the top again.

Maybe parents must pay as much attention to every department of activity of their child in school. There is great value in activities in sport and culture in their school curriculum, equal to what is derived in their classes.

Habits tend to become permanent hence the reason for guiding children to understand and evaluate the good in their everyday school life.

I humbly ask the management of Shiva Boys to return to the football ground and show the worth you have demonstrated over the years.