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December 7, 2018
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December 7, 2018

Pt Fortin RC doing good things in ‘deep south’

Point Fortin RC, National Primary School champs.

Hailing from ‘deep south’, Point Fortin RC Primary triumphed in their quest at the zonal level of the Atlantic Primary School Football Competition.

We continued to be victorious at the district level, which propelled us forward to the National Finals. The team, led by past pupil, Nester Price, a dedicated, committed community member together with his vibrant and reliable technical assistants, were able to defeat Arima Boys Government in the final leg of the competition, to capture the much-coveted National Primary School’s title.

Captain Josiah Ocho, also named Man of the Match, scored the lone goal; a victory never before experienced by a school so far south of Mosquito Creek.

This grand success has permeated the community and brought back a sense of pride and accomplishment to the Borough of Point Fortin and by extension the entire St Patrick Education District.

The ‘St Anthony’s Parish Boys’ demonstrated a level of discipline and perseverance that could have only been nurtured under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It is this same Holy Spirit that we must praise for the string of successes our school has experienced over the past year. Our young parranderos, led by Kayla Cadogan, emerged winners of the Sancouche Third Annual Pre and Primary Schools’ Parang Competition. She also snatched the title for Best Lead Vocal, paving the way for the school to earn an eighth place standing out of 30 schools.

Copping the title of first place among the co-ed primary schools in the Tidal Wave Interzone Swim Meet came as no surprise as our young swimmers experienced multiple successes both within the borough and nationally. Similarly, in the ‘Pan for Blue’, the lucky streak continued as we placed third overall in the Borough competition and have been title holders in the past.

The Point Fortin RC family can boast of not only our extra-curricular achievements but our grand success in the field of academics as well.

This year for the first time ever, we participated in the Sanfest Creative Writing Competition. Zachary George wrote his way to first place position as the best short story writer in the country and received a Certificate of Excellence along with Nicolai Baptiste, while Miah Joseph earned a Certificate of Merit in the field of poetry writing. In the field of Visual Arts, Tianna Andrews also received a certificate of merit.

Earlier this year, Jevin Bedeau was a finalist in the Mental Math Competition and went on to secure a place in the top 200 SEA students along with Emily George.

Amidst all of our victories, we can be certain of this: we are far from finished. As St Paul asserts in Philippians 1:6; we are quite confident that the One who began a good work in us here at Point Fortin RC, is faithful to complete it. – Point Fortin RC PR Team.