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December 7, 2018
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December 7, 2018

Pres Day

Football action during Pres Day.

Students, teaching staff and members of the Parent Teacher Advisory Body (PTAB) celebrated ‘Pres Day’ (Presentation Day), at Presentation College, Chaguanas on November 20. Pres Day is the annual celebration in honour of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin (November 21).

The day began with Mass celebrated by Fr Derek Anton at the nearby St Philip and St James RC Church, Chaguanas. In his homily, Fr Anton shared with the congregation that Jesus appreciated Mary more so for answering the call of God than being His mother.

He invited the students to be as obedient as Mary was, and listen to God’s call in their lives. Fr Anton also reminded them that the Feast of Mary’s presentation was significant as it was Mary’s mother who took her to the temple at a very young age and offered her to God.

Before the final blessing, Principal Gary Ribeiro addressed the congregation. He congratulated the Presentation College Cadet Force on their 60th anniversary and remarkable contribution to the institution. He also extended a special thanks to all those who were involved in the preparation and organisation of Holy Mass.

The Mass ended with the boys singing their school song ‘Virgin of the Presentation’.

The students returned to the college and organised themselves for a football competition among the different levels. Teams were organised with six players per team. It was a great event with bonding, camaraderie, fun and unity among students, teachers and even parents. Members of the PTAB together with other parents and well-wishers organised a barbecue for this event. – Dimitri Siewnarine, student