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December 4, 2018
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December 5, 2018

To Live Again’

A parishioner lights a candle in remembrance of a deceased loved one during the para-liturgy.

With November dedicated to the faithful departed, the Maloney Family Life Unit (FLU) hosted a workshop for parishioners who have lost loved ones. This workshop took place on November 17 and was entitled ‘To Live Again’, a term which we sought to bring hope and healing to all who attended. The feature presentation, ‘Coping with Grief and Loss’ was led by psychologist, Alicia Hicks-Hoyte.

Twenty-four participants benefitted from the interactive workshop as it encouraged openness and sharing. At the end, many voiced that they were able to appreciate the different stages of grief, the grieving process, self-care, myths versus facts of grief, and healthy grieving versus unhealthy grieving.

Small group discussions revolved around the individual, family and parish/community needs to facilitate healthy grieving. The outcome of these conversations was forwarded to the Family Life Unit for further action.

The session ended with a Para-Liturgy led by parish priest Fr Jason Boatswain and assisted by Fr George Lewis. Each participant was able to light a candle and be anointed.

The FLU will be launching a Consolation Ministry soon where grief support will be ongoing within the parish.—Story and photo by Arlene and Victor Bernard