Fatima’s ‘GOBAG’ – more than just a school concert
December 5, 2018
Well tried ladies, but…
December 5, 2018

Hope to heal our land

It’s not that I’ve never viewed it before, but for some reason, a recent viewing of Trinity Network and the AEC choir singing ‘Heal Our Land’ took on a new significance for me. Although recorded many years ago, the significance of the impassioned plea by the choir and its lead singer still resonates within the very depths of my being.

The events, situations, etc, highlighted in the video, are still with us today and in many cases, they have increased with various new scenarios being added. This nation of Trinidad and Tobago is crying out under the pressure of natural and manmade disasters, events which can only be described as man’s inhumanity to man, political and industrial unrest, all resulting in despair, frustration and fear.

The song reminds us of the promises in the scriptures, that if we, the people of God humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, pray and seek forgiveness of our sins, He will hear from Heaven and heal our land.

Are we as a people meeting the required criteria for the healing to take place? Humility, prayerfulness, transformation, conversion, repentance are just some of the elements in the criteria category.

The depth of feeling displayed in the singing impacted on me so much so that as I sang along to the top of my voice, “Hear our cry and turn our nation back to You” I remembered the saying, “When we sing, we pray twice!”

So, I sang and prayed: Lord, heal our land: Lord, just as the flood waters cover and saturate our land, causing destruction and devastation in its wake, so too we plead the outpouring of Your Precious Blood over this land. As the flood waters recede, may Your Blood replace it, cleansing, purifying and sanctifying, bringing healing and wholeness.

Lord, heal our land: Lord, touch the hearts and minds of those intent on inflicting pain, hurt and death through their criminal actions. Empty them of these evil thoughts and instil in them the desire to want to know, love and serve You, recognising that we are all children of a loving, merciful God.

Lord, heal our land; Lord, guide our leaders that they may rule this land with wisdom, equity, justice and honesty. Inspire and lead both the ruling and opposing entities at the helm, that the good and welfare of all citizens will be the ultimate aim of their service.

Lord, heal our land: Lord, from You Holy Spirit, send a new and holy anointing upon the citizens of this twin island state, that we may acknowledge You as our “all in all”, obeying Your command, loving You and our fellow men.

Lord, heal our land: Lord, our Church is Your Mystical Body here on earth. Your majesty and might cannot be denied. Continue to be merciful unto the clergy, religious and the laity who work tirelessly in Your vineyard, that they may persevere in faith, leading Your people to You, as we continue to build Your kingdom here on earth.

Lord, heal our land: “Forgive our sins and heal our broken land.”

The video, while highlighting some of the negatives we face daily, (the garbage, the homeless, the poverty) also reminded us that we live in a land of beauty and bounty.

The shots of the flock of scarlet ibis soaring in the air, the beautiful hibiscus and other colourful flora, the waterfalls and the seas, the faithful people of God kneeling in prayer, processing and witnessing to their faith, the happy faces of the children. Yes, there is hope for the healing of our land!