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November 7, 2018
God will make a way through disaster
November 7, 2018

Archbishop to Petrotrin workers – Put your hand in God’s

Fr Godfrey Stoute (from left), Archbishop Jason Gordon and Fr David Khan celebrate Mass for Petrotrin workers. Photo: Elmo Griffith

By Renée Smith,

Celebrating God’s inevitable love in the midst of challenge will allow you to embrace new beginnings. This message was shared by Archbishop Jason Gordon during a Mass held on October 27 for employees of Petrotrin, and their families at St Peter’s RC Church, Pointe-à-Pierre.

As the official date for Petrotrin’s closure draws near (November 30), parish priest Fr Godfrey Stoute wanted to offer a Mass of solidarity for the employees reminding them the parish’s doors are open to help, where possible. Vicar for the Southern Vicariate, Fr David Khan concelebrated; Deacon Harold Woodruffe assisted.

Many persons have already received their severance letters and packages and with these come the struggle to cope with the reality of unemployment, a change in lifestyle and ambiguity of the future.

Archbishop Gordon acknowledged that during this transition they will find themselves asking the question “Why me?” but to remember “God leads us where we are”.

Referencing the day’s reading Luke 13:1–9 he said, “The Galileans suffered a great disaster and people were saying the reason they were being attacked was because they were very sinful but Jesus reminded them they are like everybody else—they are not suffering because of a big, bad sin.”

To this he added, “God is not a terrorist and He does not pick on people to suffer. When an obstacle is put before us, it presents an occasion to step back and ask the hard questions, ask what is important and what is peripheral.”

Listening to your vocation, Archbishop Gordon said will help you live by the side God is calling you to and prevents a descent to the dark side. One example of falling prey to the dark side he remarked is “playing victim”.

“It is easy to be victim, but today I am telling you to not go into victim mode, believing that everybody owes you something, eventually leading you to a dark side. When we go to that place it puts our soul in peril.”

Instead he reminded them, “Know there is another side where you are not weak, angry, bitter or depleted. Although Petrotrin has closed its doors, your vocation does not end…consider it a new beginning where you put your hand in God’s and see His love.”