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November 7, 2018
Life and Love go hand in hand
November 7, 2018

32nd Sunday of OT (B)

Real generosity MARK12:38–44

Imagine the prayer in the heart of the poor widow as she was giving her last two cents. She was definitely aware that she had no more to give nor to sustain herself but still gave generously, relying on God to be Provider and no doubt thankful to Him for having already provided in the past.

It may not have been easy and she may not have desired to give the remainder of her money but she did it anyway. And she has taught us a lesson about real generosity.

The Lord calls us all to generosity but maybe it doesn’t look the same as the poor widow in this passage. And He does not only call us to be generous with our finances but also with time and talent. Just like the widow, it may not be an easy task and we may not even desire to do it, but we are called to do it anyway.

Maybe you know of someone encountering difficulty in an area that you are able to assist in. Maybe a ministry in your parish is seeking other members to assist in their efforts and you have the skills and/or time to do so.

Maybe you have a co-worker who is currently encountering difficulty and you may be able to assist with their duties to allow them to have some more time to sort through their situation, even if it means staying later at work to do so.

This generosity is especially important within our own families where what we require most is generosity with our time. We need to spend time with each other, not just during Sunday lunch (if we even do that) but during the week to cultivate intentional relationships.

We’re all often so distracted by school and work and when we do finally take a break, we go straight to our digital devices. Parents, we are in an age where teens and young adults are bombarded with so many conflicting ideas—we need patient and kind hands and hearts to guide.

Teens and young adults sometimes experience difficulty connecting with their peers, so having supportive and emotionally present parents is a great blessing.

Additionally, we ought to be generous with God. After having received so much it would really be an injustice for us to short-change Him by not being generous with Him (and others) in return.

Committing to daily prayer, even if just for ten minutes, and frequenting the Sacraments are tried-and-true ways to increase our generosity with God. These acts of devotion also have such a great impact upon ourselves.

At the beginning of this Gospel passage, it is clear that Jesus is calling us to unity of life. Our faith and our daily living must intersect. The way we live in public must also be the way we strive to live in private.

It’s understandable that we are inclined to show our best selves to the wider world while we hide the unfavourable sides of our character, but we must commit to self-improvement and the development of virtue. The Lord loves us as we are, but loves us too much to leave us that way.


Lord, may we never short change you. May we give to You and others without reserve. Teach us true generosity.

The Gospel Meditations for November are by Khadine Bovell, a parishioner of  St Joseph RC, St Joseph who serves as an assistant coordinator in the Youth Choir and a teacher-in-training with BOMA-TT.