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November 4, 2018
Our call to Mission through ME
November 4, 2018

A life-saving station

Dexter and Frieda Shim

We did our WWME Weekend 31 years ago and as we too celebrate 40 years of marriage this year, Dexter and I can say that our Weekend stands out as the most important building experience of these 40 years.

We were so young back then but even now as we live out the latter part of our lives, the dream today for us remains as bright and as viable as ever. It’s the same one the couples shared with us on our first weekend ‘To change the world by our love’.

Forty years later, thanks in every way to our Weekend and continual journey with our WWME family, we keep on challenging ourselves to live the values and principles of the Weekend.

As a result, we have travelled over so many years of unsurpassable joy, even as we came through the difficult times, the times of great sadness, with the love and support of our WWME Family.

As our young love becomes a far distant memory for Dexter and me, we find ourselves now at a cherished and extraordinary space, where we are discovering daily, a profound and peaceful perspective towards each other and towards life.

We thank God every day for that moment when He called us to do that Weekend; we thank Him for the many beautiful and precious friendships that blossomed out of that first encounter.

Our hope is that through the grace of remembering, we can regroup to ensure that this God-graced movement will live on and continue to be that ‘life-saving station’, a small, bright, welcoming light to ships approaching the windy, rocky, rough coastline of life as we live it now.

Though we are unable to be present at the celebration due to a long planned and long overdue vacation, we send our warmest congratulations to our dearest WWME and may God continue to bless our Movement. – Dexter and Frieda