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October 6, 2018
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October 6, 2018

Vocation Awareness Week – a conversation starter

Sunday, November 11 to Friday 16 marks Vocations Awareness Week.  Generation S is encouraging the faithful of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain to embrace the awareness that the vocation conversation is part of the very life of the Church.

That is, vocation ought not to be a topic of conversation only when there is no priest to do funerals or, when seminaries are about to close down. It must be an ongoing topic of conversation linked to baptism, discipleship and mission. They are all interconnected. Vocation must come up as a topic for everyone searching for God’s will as a baptised person trying to be a disciple.

Vocations Awareness Week is meant to promote the idea that Vocation as a topic is the lifeblood of a local Church and must be part of the vocabulary of a local Church. It must be something that occupies the attention of the faithful as integral to a missionary Church.

Vocation to marriage, single life, lay consecrated life or priesthood should be the stuff of the Catholic conversation. God calls the faithful to answer through laying down their lives for mission.

Vocation Awareness Week 2018 is a small attempt to get the archdiocese thinking and talking vocations as part of its self-identity. This is how culture emerges, through: ‘thought’, ‘talk’ and ‘action’. The Week brings these three elements together in order to contribute to creating the culture of vocation in the Archdiocese.

Through a number of activities, from Monday to Friday, it is hoped that Catholics and the wider population will sit up and take notice of the need to begin a vocation conversation in every area of their life. The conversation must be had. It begins somewhere.

This Week is meant to be a conversation starter. On Sunday 11, for example, families are encouraged to have a meal together and pray for vocations. The topic of vocation ought to come up in every Catholic family. The word priesthood should never be taboo in a Catholic family.

On Monday 12 every Catholic is encouraged to wear green; green is the colour of hope. Imagine Catholics wearing green all over Port of Spain, Arima and Chaguanas, Point and Mayaro! What a sign of hope that vocations mean something to them that they would actually be part of this activity and wear green.

Posters outlining the Vocations Awareness Week will be distributed. There will be a social media campaign. Please pass on the poster when you get it. Let T&T be abuzz with the Vocation conversation.