Fatima @ Fifty – a historical review
October 6, 2018
A short memoir of school teacher/musician/parrandero, George Carter
October 6, 2018

Message from our Parish Priest

A golden anniversary is a very special milestone in the life of any person, place or institution.

So it is in our community of Our Lady of Fatima, Curepe which, over the past 50 years since the consecration of the parish church, has recorded the many and varied experiences of the parishioners and other Christian and non-Christian residents of the neighbourhood.

The ‘temple’ property of the church, spacious grounds and pastoral activity halls have been central gathering places for worshippers, cricket and football enthusiasts and diverse persons and organisations seeking Word and life in a welcoming environment.

Pastoral care has been led by a dozen priests and some standing in the gaps, over the five decades since 1968. In addition, the primary school in close proximity, which also bears the name of our patroness, has itself nurtured many contributors to national development since its establishment some 65 years ago.

Teaching and learning strategies, cultural activity, religious vocation and models of leadership have emerged in the work of persons like principals and teachers, musicians, catechists, lay ministers, church artists and all those who have shared their time, talent and treasure. 

At our sister community of Holy Family, Kelly Village, Caroni, and the primary school, St David’s RC, the stories of those dedicated lay ministers and teachers would be told—all as we recall golden memories in the celebration of this anniversary and create new experiences for our children.

You’re invited to join us for our commemorative events for the golden anniversary of our church’s consecration and patronal feast day: Golden Memories—Harvest & Family Day today, followed by rest and restoration—a week of novena prayers to Our Lady of Fatima (October 8–12), and a three-day Marian Festival (October 12–14). A golden gift package shared with you!

Fr Arnold Francis