Parental Responsibility for Children’s Education
October 1, 2018
Archbishop launches ‘TT Parish in the 21st Century’ initiative
October 1, 2018

Cathedral remains closed

Message from Cathedral Administrator Fr Martin Sirju

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception continues to be closed for the time being. Plans were afoot to reopen the Cathedral by this weekend on the recommendation of engineers familiar with the cathedral structure, once the sacristy was safely cordoned off.

However, an engineer attached to the Ministry of Works is recommending further examination in the light of the magnitude of the recent earthquake. Discussions are continuing between the engineers attached to the cathedral, who know the building inside out, the Ministry and His Grace. Further updates will be given as more information becomes available.

Recent repair works include the cleaning of the inside, including the upper levels, in order to remove any debris that would have been lodged there. The engineers attached to the cathedral will also visit in a week’s time to examine all the remaining finials to ensure they are not in any way compromised.

We are confident further discussions will clarify areas of ambiguity so that reopening will occur in the shortest time possible. Masses/Services will therefore continue at Sacred Heart RC Church, Richmond Street, for the time being.